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Invest in Fiscai


It is planned that Fiscai will be open to investment from the public on 15 November, 2020

AI means artificial intelligence. AI also means "love" in Chinese. is a financial markets investments fund, specialising in trading in the currency space. Investors in Fiscai can be assured that the fund is risk managed by an UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated, licensed asset manager. The fund's algorithms are designed, tested and run by Dr Sam Beatson, an Assistant Professor in Risk, Finance and Banking.

Fiscai is an AI-driven foreign exchange trading strategy that identifies when the market is either trending in a particular direction, or trading within a range. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Fiscai trades according to the conditions identified.

Multiple spot currency pairs are monitored 24 hours per day by Fiscai, from 10pm London time on Sunday to 10pm London time on Friday.